Balancing Act

General / 22 November 2018

Blendshape animation between two body types. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

Female Head Planes

General / 04 November 2018

A little study of a female head planes and rhythms. I used the pinch brush in the Sculptris Pro mode.


General / 03 November 2018

Blendshapes animation test based on the three body types (overweight, average, athletic).

Athletic Female

General / 26 October 2018

Sculpting a muscular woman is quite challenging. The essence of the female form is soft curves, which is largely contributed by the fatty tissue of the body. Once you start adding muscle, the body becomes more lean by burning fat, thus taking out the femininity of the subject. Another key component that is being compromised is the breast (which is also mostly made up of fat). 💪👩


Female Head Study

General / 07 October 2018

This time I spent  a little more time on a head study, but I am not too sure if it's really recognizable at this point. Can you guess who this person is?

Head Studies

General / 25 September 2018

These are quick studies of the heads. If you are into MMA, you may recognize them. I spent about 2 hours on each head. Very excited for this match-up on October 6. 

Updated Sculpt | Before & After

General / 15 September 2018

A bit of weekend fun. Revision of the old sculpt. Fixed the main anatomy issues. The original sculpt is about 5 years old. Interesting that with mileage, the mistakes stick out like a sore thumb. 🧐The adjustments took about 2 hours to complete.

Art Glove | Smudge Guard

Article / 15 August 2018

I pulled the trigger and finally got a proper art glove/smudge guard. Based on the recommendation from @ryanhillart  I went with DokiWear @dokiwear and I gotta say it's a quality glove, which is build of high grade material and fits well. There was definitely a lot of thought put in designing this product.
I got two pieces.
1. Standard glove. Great basic glove. Perfect for wacom tablets or surfaces which do not require palm rejection.
2. Pro glove (for just extra $2, it makes me feel straight outta "minority report") gives extra palm rejection on the side of the hand extended all the way up to the tip of pinky finger and also covering just the tip of the ring finger, which is nice if you tend to put those two fingers on the surface. I will be using this on my newly acquired Surface Pro.

Tuning the shader and lighting.

General / 31 May 2018

Tuning the shader and lighting.

Finished the blondie model....

General / 29 May 2018

Finished the blondie model. 👱🏻‍♀️✨
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